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What does registering my script mean?

Registering your script means that it will be saved and recognised by a third party (us), so if you ever had the misfortune of going to a court of law over a copyright dispute, we would provide this evidence of your ownership.

Is this different from registering with the Writers Guilds (WGA, WGUK etc.)?

The only difference is we charge half the price. You will receive the same amount of evidence, a registration number and even an added extra; SWN protection logo to put on your script (if you wish).

As well as this, any questions related to the protection of your script, we will answer them and give you advice from our lawyer to put you at ease.

Does this mean my script is copyrighted?

Not officially. As soon as you create a work it's technically copyrighted as you have created it. In the case of America, the copyright office try to charge you for the right to own the work you have produced... 

How much does it cost?

We charge a small fee of £9 to cover the cost of processing with our lawyer, documentation and purchasing of hard drives. 


If you enter into the SWN Competition as of August 2020, your script will be automatically registered with us for free.


Script Registration

This is not the right service to register your script with if you reside in the United States.

Please visit here for details on how to Copyright your script.

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Each registration submission costs £9. We accept PayPal, Visa & MasterCard.


This is a secure site. Your information is kept strictly confidential. 

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